Paul Davies

geboren am 31. Mai 1962 in Sutton-in-Ashfield
gestorben am 23. Juli 2016 in Köln / Cologne

Paul Davies, a Man of two Continents, two Cultures, with a Desire to Travel & see the World.  For those of us who knew him well, he was very much an American & just as much still English.  He could enjoy a hot dog or hamburger just as much as enjoy his Fish & Chips or Double Egg & Chips, oh and his Baked Beans.  He loved his Heinz Baked Beans.  Brown Sause on many of his favorites was always a plus.  

Paul spoke right to the very end about the flight on Pan Am, when he immigrated from England to the USA, which gave him his new Life in The States.  He would have liked to have worked for Pan Am but that never happened, instead, Paul found his way to see the World by working for United.  

At United, Paul's list of Friends, Colleagues & Contacts grew exponentially.  He enjoyed being a Flight Attendant, making new Friends, working for his Union, Traveling with Friends, Kaffee & Kuchen & Happy Hour.  A must in all this FUN was someone to share it all with.  The name Maik Hoffmann was now part of this Adventure, an Adventure that did not stop.  Paul lived his Life to the fullest & wouldn't have had it any other way.  

Wir werden Dich vermissen, Loehrchen, Maik, Familie und Freunde



Maik Hoffmann
entzündete diese Kerze am 25. Februar 2019 um 9.33 Uhr

Ein kleiner Engel kam, lächelte und kehrte
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schrieb am 5. August 2016 um 10.16 Uhr

Lieber Maik

Paul und seine Liebe....ein kostbares Geschenk.
Nun ist Paul fort , aber seine Liebe wird dich umhüllen.
Für immer.

Ich vermisse Ihn sehr.

You and Lörchen have a friend here forever.


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Urnenbeisetzung, Skegby

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